Promote Your Business Blog: 8 Methods to Implement


Promoting a business blog right now is a challenge—most companies have blogs and they’re churning out tons of content, a trend that will continue into 2022.

How do you ensure your posts are seen by your intended audience when there’s so much content already vying for their attention? 

There are a few methods that have worked for brands across numerous fields. We outline eight of the best so you can build a blog promotion strategy that will get you views.

  • Promote Your Business Blog with Case Studies
  • Always Add CTAs (Call to action) to Promote Business Blog Posts
  • Promote Your Business Blog with Email Newsletters
  • Write Guest Posts to Promote Your Business Blog 
  • Promote New Business Blog Posts through Link Building
  • Get More Business Blog Views through Online Networking (Join online business networking forums like
  • Consider Paid Advertising on website like to Promote Blog Posts
  • Repurpose Content to Promote Your Business Blog
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