7 tips for successful online networking


The meaningful connections and conversations you have as a small business owner help you build a network of people who may become customers, employees (or contractors), investors, or sources of new opportunities. Those new connections and conversations build trust and respect, helping you reach the right people and generate new prospects for yourself and your business.

Finding new contacts and nurturing professional relationships through networking can help accomplish these crucial goals. Currently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its limitations, face-to-face meetings at conferences, business card exchanges, and in-person networking events aren’t possible. That leaves only online networking.

Online networking is more than simply having a LinkedIn profile. Check out these seven tips if you’re looking for a new job, trying to find new contacts, or simply want to feel more connected during this solitary time.

  • Look for new online networking platforms (Explore www.networkingsquare.com)
  • Diversify your existing network through outreach into new interests
  • Leverage available tools and technology for online networking (Explore www.misangu.com)
  • Keep conversations going (Try www.networkingsquare.com)
  • Get involved in forums
  • Take your time
  • Start sooner rather than later
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